Saturday, July 25, 2009

Daily tracking...finally.

So I know I said I would update this thing about ten days ago. Sorry bout that. Been massively busy. Anyway, here's some daily tracking!

lunch: $13
mini golf: $5.50
dinner: $25

A bit much, but still not too bad. I haven't really been spending a lot in the past few weeks due to being busy with school and all. Yesterday was a nice treat.

gas: $22

A necessary evil. At least the prices have been going down around here, dunno about elsewhere though. The average is around $2.35 a gallon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I apologize for not regularly updating as of late. I've been going through some personal issues so the blog has fallen by the wayside for a bit. I haven't abandoned it, I swear. I'll get back to things as usual tomorrow.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daily tracking


Dentist co-pay: $1


It's been really easy for me not to spend much during the week. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not that busy or just lazy. Either way, it works out in my (wallet's) favor. I have a training session at work this morning and after that I was thinking about stopping at Ulta. I'm out of foundation and moisturizer, and I actually want to speak to a consultant type person about a couple products. Otherwise I'd just look at work because they have a pretty comprehensive make-up & body care section, for a grocery store. Maybe I'll check there first anyway, since I'll already be there. Can't hurt.

Tuesday was great. It was a pretty uneventful day overall, but when I went up to the mall for my friend to touch up my hair she told me she had a bunch of clothes for me to look at. She's moving to San Diego at the end of the summer so she decided to clean out her closet...and give me first dibs. Sweet! So I ended up with some new clothes and killer shoes for absolutely nothing. I love my friends.

Tonight's another round of Kinky Quizzo. Since I barely spent anything this week I'm gonna let myself splurge a bit. Ooh lala! Anyway, time to finish my Bagelful (they're so good!) and get my ass out the door.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Week in review




hair salon: $48
food: $6

Astromonkey bbq: $12

chinese food: $12

gas: $22

I did good this week.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Post-weekend update


Groceries: $60
Random act of kindness: $5

Sunday was good. No spending for me. I had intended to go to a Zombie Beach Party in the city but that fell through, leaving me with nothing to spend on. Monday was good until I decided to stop at the grocery store and pick up some food. I've been trying to gain weight lately, so having lots of (high calorie) food around is of utmost importance at the moment. $60 later I'm leaving and am approached by a girl who's crying. She tells me she's stranded, her motorcycle has no gas, she can't get in touch with her parents, and needs to get home. So I gave her $5 to get some gas. Luckily for her the grocery store has its own gas station, so she could walk her motorcycle over and fill up. She didn't need to go far, so $5 should have been plenty. I had seen her wandering around out front of the store on the phone before I went in, and sitting on a bench crying. I'm usually not big on giving strangers money but for some reason I believed this girl, so I wanted to help.

So far today has been a no-spend day, but I plan on going to see Transformers 2 later, so I'll probably buy an advance ticket this afternoon for tonight's midnight showing.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daily tracking


No-spend day! With the weather being so nasty it's real easy to not feel like leaving the house. Rain, rain GO AWAY!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Daily tracking


Groceries: $29

Thursday was another no-spend day. I'm getting pretty good at this, I think. I also had a job interview at a local grocery store. I am now employed in their deli department. I start next week. Woohoo. Today I didn't do much besides go to the grocery store. Watched a few movies with Jake, made tacos, did Wii Fit, walked the dog twice. It was a lazy day. Tomorrow is a bbq at a good friend's house and Sunday is Zombie Beach Party in Philly. Can't wait!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daily tracking

school vending machine: $1.25

I needed cookies, I couldn't help it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daily tracking

Dentist: $1
Borders Express: $23.22
CVS: $10.15

I decided on a rule for book spending. Books cannot cost more than $15 and must be at least 400 pages long. Anything shorter and I'll read through it in a day. That being said..

I hit the mall planning to just go to Borders Express and be done with things. Which I did. Kind of. I did buy 2 books, both fitting my criteria. Both also happen to be about Mormon polygamous cults. I was having a Big Love moment, I guess. Being that I was at the mall I decided that I had to walk around a bit, check out the current sales. Even though I wasn't going to buy anything. I first checked American Eagle to see if they had the flip flops I liked (and ruined) from last year. They didn't, but instead they had these super cute leather ones that were $30. I promptly hung em back up and left the store after seeing that. Too much, even if I wasn't on shopping ban. I also stopped in Victoria's Secret to check out the semi-annual sale. Underwear is something I always need, I don't care what anyone says. I got measured and turns out I already knew my bra size. Go me. Anyway, they didn't have any bras that struck my fancy (or my price range) so I decided not to purchase anything there either. I usually hate that store and today was no different. Their salespeople are so irritating and in-your-face. I should have known better than to interact with a girl about the measuring, once they think they've got you they just do not shut up! She even gave me a card with my size on it, you know, in case I suddenly forget it. I also got drawn into Bath & Body Works by a $4 bin front and center.. I had a moment of weakness and thought about buying a new body wash - but I restrained myself and put it down. Their new stuff all smells relatively the same and I still have plenty of body wash to use up as it is; I don't need more! All in all the trip was productive, I got what I went there for and nothing else.

I had to stop at CVS to fill prescriptions I got from the dentist today (yay for painful dental work) and pick up some new mouthwash and another toothbrush. I also saw that Crest came out with a new toothpaste that protects against stomach acid, so I decided to buy that too. With my reflux as bad as it is little things like that can be the difference between cavities and no cavities. I didn't really need the toothpaste, but I consider it a justifiable expense. It's to further my (dental) health.

As for the rest of the day, I'm staying in. The novocaine's wearing off and I am sore.

To read or not to read

I need new books to read. I would love to join a local library, but unfortunately there aren't any in my area that I'm eligible for. Gilbertsville does not have its own library and the one in Boyertown is only for Boyertown residents, which I find to be l-a-m-e. I live less than 5 miles away, yet I cannot check out books because I technically live in a different county. I could use Antonelli's library, but the only books they have are relevant to the coursework, books on Medical Assisting, Medical Billing/Coding, Medical Terminology, etc. Not really the type of material I want to read in my spare time.

Jake's always saying I can borrow his books if I want to read, but his thing is mainly Sci-fi and fantasy and neither genre is really my cup of tea. I've tried reading the first book in two of his favorite series and the interest just isn't there. I got through them and had zero interest in what happened next. I do have other friends who read, of course, but unfortunately I don't see them very often which makes it kind of hard to browse/borrow books.

I think it may be time to check out the clearance racks at Barnes & Noble. I love to read, but to pay $13-$20 for something I'll finish within 48hrs is kind of pointless.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend tracking

No spend day.

No spend day. 2 in a row, woot!

Wawa: $4.06
CVS: $1.99

This weekend was pretty good as far as spending goes. There are things that I want, such as a new laptop, that even if I wasn't on a spending ban I wouldn't be able to buy anyway. So at least that gives me a goal for the saving. Hopefully I'll be able to afford a new laptop by the time Black Friday rolls around.

No spending!

I actually received a check for $24 today, thank you Philadelphia Parking Authority. Technically I'm getting back money that they overdrew from me, but I'm still $24 ahead. It's going directly into my savings envelope....which will probably end up all going towards my first semester's books. Joy! I think once I'm all paid up to the school I'll probably have around $100 left over. Sucks, but at least it's something to start with.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Daily tracking

Gas: $20.06
Popcorn @ the movies: $6

Groceries: $21
Bar later: ?

Last night Jake and I went to see Hangover with his roommate Greg. Jake paid for my ticket so I decided I'd splurge on some popcorn. It kinda wasn't worth it though. Movie popcorn nowadays is generally disappointing. I don't know what's different about it but it's just not as good as it used to be.

Today is Jake's birthday so I'm gonna cook him a spiffy dinner and later we're meeting friends at a local bar for Kinky Quizzo. We go every week anyway, but since tonight is a special occasion I'm allowing myself the treat of a few drinks.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daily tracking

School: $160
Birthday gift: $44.99
Birthday card: $2.75

Meh. I didn't originally intend to get Jake anything else for his birthday, but he keeps talking about wanting a pair of Chuck Taylor low-tops. So I decided I'd just buy him a pair. I know he'll wear em, so it's worth it to me. I also still have to get him a birthday card. I thought about making one myself, but the amount of money I'd spend on supplies would probably be more than an average card costs, so it's not really worth it. I am going to make my own wrapping paper, though. I'm also thinking about stopping to fill up the car tonight, but since my tank's still half full I can probably wait another day or two on that. I don't have many places to go that aren't local and I'd like tomorrow to be a no-spender to make up for all the spending I've done today.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Daily tracking



Two no-spend days in a row, go me! Unfortunately tomorrow breaks my un-spending, I have to register for classes and put a deposit down on my tuition for Antonelli. That'll be $175 down the drain. A worthwhile expense, though. School is always important.

Now if only the rest of my life were so easy to get on track. Sigh. My family life is less than pleasant these days, sometimes I wish they'd all just disappear into a vortex never to be heard from again. Except my mom. She can stay, because I love her. I wish I could move but financially it's just not going to happen right now. Or anytime soon, for that matter. Sucks. Maybe my next round of savings can finally be put towards an apartment..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

No spending!

Today is going to be another no-spend day. I did forget to buy carrots yesterday at the grocery store, but I will just have to do without - or if Jake really wants them he can go pick em up.

So far the plan for today is do some Wii Fit, have breakfast, shower, then either take Atticus for a long walk or to the dog park. Maybe both. I have a few hours to kill, with Jake out at the garage workin on his bike. I may also head over to Hollywood Video and trade the current True Blood for the next disc in the series. We've got an unlimited rental deal goin on right now (3 at a time, which is quite nice), so it shouldn't cost me anything. Jake paid this month, I have a feelign he's going to try to get me to pony up for July. I think not, I already pay for Netflix! I should also give the Coraline game I rented last night a shot. I dunno how fun it will be but it looked cute. I hope it's not for like, 8 year olds.

Side note, the music from True Blood is really good, if you're into Southern style rock and all.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Daily tracking

Groceries: $25
Dentist: $1

Not bad!

Groceries: $22

Friday was a pretty light day, as far as spending goes. I went to the grocery store with Jake and picked up some food for this weekend. I also went to the dentist, and what was just supposed to be a routine cleaning turned into filling a tiny cavity and fixing a chip on my tooth. Not bad. I was also supposed to pay my registration for school and put down a deposit on tuition, but I forgot to bring cash. Whoops. So that's been moved to Tuesday. Later I'll probably hit the grocery store again to get stuff for tonight's dinner (tomorrow's too probably) and that's it. I have a bad habit of only buying one meal's worth of food (and then random snacks) at a time when I'm at Jake's. We never plan further ahead than that day when it comes to meals. It's kind of stupid, actually. But I guess it's working okay for now. It'd be nice if tomorrow could be another no-spend day.

I think tonight I would like to go bowling. I have free passes that I got from my dad, so he'll probably hook us up.

Now I just gotta keep today's grocery tab in check, which shouldn't be difficult. I'm only buying some stuff to make fajitas. Onion, peppers, tortillas, cheese..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You say it's your birthday?

Novelty gift:
Birthday gift: $40.28
Chick-Fil-A: $4.50
Gas: $23
Scrubs: $28

I went out shopping today, but for good reason. Jake's birthday is next week so after much deliberation I decided I wanted to buy him a gift. I love buying people gifts, I always have. Especially if it's something I know they're gonna go apeshit over. I don't want to say what I got him or how much I spent yet, just in case he reads this over my shoulder later. Suffice to say that I spent a decent amount yet nothing excessive. I may edit this later and post the what and how much, but not until next Thursday. I don't want him cheating and spoil the surprise.

Jake wants to hit King of Prussia Mall tonight, to take me scrubs shopping and look for a birthday gift for me (finally!). I dunno if I'm gonna buy any scrubs for school at KOP, but I can at least look around and get an idea of how much I may end up having to spend. At least I have more than a month before I need to buy any scrubs so shopping around a bit won't hurt. Also, checking online might be smart because who knows what kind of deals are out there.

I feel like I spent a lot today, but it was worth it. Like I said, I like buying gifts for people when I know they're going to appreciate them. The main goal I'm trying to accomplish anyway is not wasting money on myself, which I'm still maintaining.

We did end up going to the mall, I got my scrubs and Jake bought me a Wii Fit! How generous of him. I <3 boyfriend.="" br="" the="">
(Edited to add in daily tracking)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No-spend day


I'm going to try to implement at least one "no-spend" day each week. I'd like to work up to two or three, but I'm not sure yet how realistic that is. Today will be my first official no-spend day, which will be hard because I have class tonight. Those cafeteria vending machines get me every time, especially the Dirty's Garlic Chips. They're SO good.

I also should fill my car's gas tank, but I think that can wait until tomorrow.

First couple days

So far not shopping has been pretty easy. In fact, it's kind of a relief to know I won't be spending money when I go into stores. I did go out with my dad's girlfriend for a bit tonight, but it was in celebration because I was accepted into the Medical Assisting program I applied for. She and I split a pizza and I had a couple drinks. I think all totaled I spent $10. Not bad. Except that I haven't spent money on anything besides my cell phone and credit card bills. Yay for monthly expenditures. I try to get all of my major bills paid at the beginning of each month so that I don't miss the deadlines and get charged an extra $30 "late payment" fee. The rest of my bills that I haven't paid today will be automatically debited from my bank account on their specific due dates, so I don't have to worry about them. Thank god for that. If I had to remember every single payment deadline I doubt I'd have room for everything else!

I'm kind of tired, I think I'm going to call it a night.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last day, part II

Today was my last day of being allowed to shop.....and I didn't shop at all. I was planning on going to Target while I visited my mom, but that did not happen. I got caught up running a bunch of her errands and never made it. I'm kind of annoyed about that, actually. Wait no, I lied. I did buy a tube of 70 SPF Neutrogena sunscreen at the grocery store. Still. It's not the final shopping trip I had hoped for. My mother's not taking my not shopping seriously, she thinks the whole thing is dumb. Her theory is that I should just come up with a budget that allows for extra spending and then stick to it. Hmph.

Oh well. Tomorrow is day 1.

Last day, part I

It's 12:15am on my last day. I never did make it to Target yesterday, so that means I'll have to do it today. That could work to my disadvantage though, because chances are is the one I'm going to end up stopping at will be in York. It'll be a new Target, which of course means I'll have to spend even longer than normal in it because it's unfamilliar. Wallet, beware!

I also cracked and rented a Wii game last night. Lego Indiana Jones. It's actually quite fun, so I may take it along to my mother's so I can play there too - AFTER using her Wii Fit. I love Wii Fit. I want one so badly. Unfortunately as of Monday I know that I won't be getting one until at least August, if not later. It's a bit upsetting, but I think I'll live. It's just one more reason to drive out to see my mom more often. I just wish she didn't live 80 freaking miles away. At least gas is still an allowable expense!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

One more day

After tomorrow, no more shopping. That is it. I keep going round and round in my head asking myself is there anything I NEED? So far the answer keeps coming up no. I hope I don't get home and suddenly realize there is something I should have bought after all and did not. Oh well. I suppose I will cross that bridge if I come to it. I know I do not currently have any sunscreen, but at the same time I am not going anywhere that really requires it anyway. I suppose if it turns out I need it later on I will just go buy some. Perhaps that's what else I should have gotten at Costco yesterday.

I may stop at Target later, just in case there's something I did forget about. I'll bring Jake with me, just in case, that way I don't get too out of control. Their clothing department gets me every time!

Friday, May 29, 2009

What I cannot spend money on

Clothes. Unless I am replacing a staple item (plain tank tops, underwear, etc.) that has somehow been damaged I am not buying any new clothing during this time. I already have tons of stuff I hardly or never wear to begin with. Time for a fashion rotation!
Shoes. I have plenty already. Just bought my last pair for awhile today, in fact.
Purses. I don't need any more of these right now. Really.
Eating out excessively. I think I covered this in the previous post.
Decorative items for my room/house. I have tons that I'm already not using, so I do not need any more!
Renting movies/video games. I already have a Netflix account and somehow Jake and I end up at the local Hollywood Video all the time anyway. In our defense, it is mainly for games, since Netflix only does movies. But the occasional (or not so) movie still makes it through, and it really is a waste of money. I am considering setting up an account with Gamefly, but we'll see how that pans out. It's $8/month to rent one game with an unlimited timeframe. Quite tempting. My Wii and I do get lonely..
Random make-up and body care items that aren't replacing something that's run out. Self explanitory.
Random "cute stuff" that has no other category. Self explanitory.

I think that about covers it. Basically I'm just trying to not spend money where it isn't necessary. I bought my last pair of sandals for the summer today. I was even at Costco for the first time this afternoon and the only things I got were raspberries and blackberries (which I didn't even pay for, lucky me!) to make a berry salad with the strawberries Jake had already bought. This is somehow a miracle, because trust me, there were TONS of things I saw that I could have bought without even thinking twice. I must say having a Costco membership might be beneficial if Jake and I ever get a place, even if we just use it to stock up on necessities like paper towels, razors, and toilet paper. Unfortunately (or maybe not so much) right now it really doesn't make sense for me to buy anything in bulk since I'm mainly just buying for myself. But yeah, major score on the Costco for the future. They have just about EVERYTHING, and in massive quantity. It really was quite insane.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I can spend money on

Food. This is pretty obvious.
Bills. Of course I still have to pay these. Don't really want to, but hey.. who really does?
Prescriptions. Necessary evil.
School supplies. I will try to get them as cheaply as possible, but they are still necessary.
Tuition. I need to pay the school, too. Classes aren't free (but the pre-req's should be!).
Things that need to be replaced. Toilet paper, make-up that runs out, toothpaste, shampoo.. etc. You get the idea. I'm going to try and use up everything I have that is 'extra' before buying new, though.
Stuff for the dog. Food, treats, etc. Atticus cannot go without.
Craft stuff. My boyfriend makes chainmail jewelry so I'm allowing myself a monthly budget of $30 to spruce up the pieces he makes for me with charms, beads, etc. Also comes in handy in embellishing or redoing t-shirts or dresses I already own. I may also allow in this part a tailoring allowance to alter clothes I already own. I can sew (by hand only, I'm clueless on a machine), but not well enough to alter clothes drastically.
Going out/"fun" stuff. I'm going to limit this to twice monthly. A third time will be allowed if it's a special occasion (like a friend's birthday). This doesn't count if someone else offers to pay. If you want to take me out, by all means let's go!
Going out to eat/getting takeout. Also limited to 2-3 times per month. I'm already pretty good about this so it shouldn't be a drastic change. Same as above applies also, if someone else is paying I will gladly eat out more often.
Travel/gas. I need to get places.

This is how it begins

I was inspired tonight. A friend on Livejournal posted a link to Holly Is Stopping Shopping and I decided that I'm going to give the whole not spending thing a try. I don't have the will (or desire) to not shop for an entire year, but 2-3 months should definitely suffice to help me get my finances in check. Depending on how things work out I may even extend it up to 6 months. I will have to take the time to come up with some rules, which I will post either tomorrow or the following day.

I'm going to use this blog as my financial tracker. I don't know if I'll be updating daily with my spending (or lack thereof), but I will try.

June 1 is my first official day of not shopping. Only 3 days to prepare! Wish me luck!