Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I can spend money on

Food. This is pretty obvious.
Bills. Of course I still have to pay these. Don't really want to, but hey.. who really does?
Prescriptions. Necessary evil.
School supplies. I will try to get them as cheaply as possible, but they are still necessary.
Tuition. I need to pay the school, too. Classes aren't free (but the pre-req's should be!).
Things that need to be replaced. Toilet paper, make-up that runs out, toothpaste, shampoo.. etc. You get the idea. I'm going to try and use up everything I have that is 'extra' before buying new, though.
Stuff for the dog. Food, treats, etc. Atticus cannot go without.
Craft stuff. My boyfriend makes chainmail jewelry so I'm allowing myself a monthly budget of $30 to spruce up the pieces he makes for me with charms, beads, etc. Also comes in handy in embellishing or redoing t-shirts or dresses I already own. I may also allow in this part a tailoring allowance to alter clothes I already own. I can sew (by hand only, I'm clueless on a machine), but not well enough to alter clothes drastically.
Going out/"fun" stuff. I'm going to limit this to twice monthly. A third time will be allowed if it's a special occasion (like a friend's birthday). This doesn't count if someone else offers to pay. If you want to take me out, by all means let's go!
Going out to eat/getting takeout. Also limited to 2-3 times per month. I'm already pretty good about this so it shouldn't be a drastic change. Same as above applies also, if someone else is paying I will gladly eat out more often.
Travel/gas. I need to get places.

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