Saturday, July 25, 2009

Daily tracking...finally.

So I know I said I would update this thing about ten days ago. Sorry bout that. Been massively busy. Anyway, here's some daily tracking!

lunch: $13
mini golf: $5.50
dinner: $25

A bit much, but still not too bad. I haven't really been spending a lot in the past few weeks due to being busy with school and all. Yesterday was a nice treat.

gas: $22

A necessary evil. At least the prices have been going down around here, dunno about elsewhere though. The average is around $2.35 a gallon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I apologize for not regularly updating as of late. I've been going through some personal issues so the blog has fallen by the wayside for a bit. I haven't abandoned it, I swear. I'll get back to things as usual tomorrow.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daily tracking


Dentist co-pay: $1


It's been really easy for me not to spend much during the week. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not that busy or just lazy. Either way, it works out in my (wallet's) favor. I have a training session at work this morning and after that I was thinking about stopping at Ulta. I'm out of foundation and moisturizer, and I actually want to speak to a consultant type person about a couple products. Otherwise I'd just look at work because they have a pretty comprehensive make-up & body care section, for a grocery store. Maybe I'll check there first anyway, since I'll already be there. Can't hurt.

Tuesday was great. It was a pretty uneventful day overall, but when I went up to the mall for my friend to touch up my hair she told me she had a bunch of clothes for me to look at. She's moving to San Diego at the end of the summer so she decided to clean out her closet...and give me first dibs. Sweet! So I ended up with some new clothes and killer shoes for absolutely nothing. I love my friends.

Tonight's another round of Kinky Quizzo. Since I barely spent anything this week I'm gonna let myself splurge a bit. Ooh lala! Anyway, time to finish my Bagelful (they're so good!) and get my ass out the door.