Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last day, part I

It's 12:15am on my last day. I never did make it to Target yesterday, so that means I'll have to do it today. That could work to my disadvantage though, because chances are is the one I'm going to end up stopping at will be in York. It'll be a new Target, which of course means I'll have to spend even longer than normal in it because it's unfamilliar. Wallet, beware!

I also cracked and rented a Wii game last night. Lego Indiana Jones. It's actually quite fun, so I may take it along to my mother's so I can play there too - AFTER using her Wii Fit. I love Wii Fit. I want one so badly. Unfortunately as of Monday I know that I won't be getting one until at least August, if not later. It's a bit upsetting, but I think I'll live. It's just one more reason to drive out to see my mom more often. I just wish she didn't live 80 freaking miles away. At least gas is still an allowable expense!

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