Friday, May 29, 2009

What I cannot spend money on

Clothes. Unless I am replacing a staple item (plain tank tops, underwear, etc.) that has somehow been damaged I am not buying any new clothing during this time. I already have tons of stuff I hardly or never wear to begin with. Time for a fashion rotation!
Shoes. I have plenty already. Just bought my last pair for awhile today, in fact.
Purses. I don't need any more of these right now. Really.
Eating out excessively. I think I covered this in the previous post.
Decorative items for my room/house. I have tons that I'm already not using, so I do not need any more!
Renting movies/video games. I already have a Netflix account and somehow Jake and I end up at the local Hollywood Video all the time anyway. In our defense, it is mainly for games, since Netflix only does movies. But the occasional (or not so) movie still makes it through, and it really is a waste of money. I am considering setting up an account with Gamefly, but we'll see how that pans out. It's $8/month to rent one game with an unlimited timeframe. Quite tempting. My Wii and I do get lonely..
Random make-up and body care items that aren't replacing something that's run out. Self explanitory.
Random "cute stuff" that has no other category. Self explanitory.

I think that about covers it. Basically I'm just trying to not spend money where it isn't necessary. I bought my last pair of sandals for the summer today. I was even at Costco for the first time this afternoon and the only things I got were raspberries and blackberries (which I didn't even pay for, lucky me!) to make a berry salad with the strawberries Jake had already bought. This is somehow a miracle, because trust me, there were TONS of things I saw that I could have bought without even thinking twice. I must say having a Costco membership might be beneficial if Jake and I ever get a place, even if we just use it to stock up on necessities like paper towels, razors, and toilet paper. Unfortunately (or maybe not so much) right now it really doesn't make sense for me to buy anything in bulk since I'm mainly just buying for myself. But yeah, major score on the Costco for the future. They have just about EVERYTHING, and in massive quantity. It really was quite insane.

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