Saturday, June 6, 2009

Daily tracking

Groceries: $25
Dentist: $1

Not bad!

Groceries: $22

Friday was a pretty light day, as far as spending goes. I went to the grocery store with Jake and picked up some food for this weekend. I also went to the dentist, and what was just supposed to be a routine cleaning turned into filling a tiny cavity and fixing a chip on my tooth. Not bad. I was also supposed to pay my registration for school and put down a deposit on tuition, but I forgot to bring cash. Whoops. So that's been moved to Tuesday. Later I'll probably hit the grocery store again to get stuff for tonight's dinner (tomorrow's too probably) and that's it. I have a bad habit of only buying one meal's worth of food (and then random snacks) at a time when I'm at Jake's. We never plan further ahead than that day when it comes to meals. It's kind of stupid, actually. But I guess it's working okay for now. It'd be nice if tomorrow could be another no-spend day.

I think tonight I would like to go bowling. I have free passes that I got from my dad, so he'll probably hook us up.

Now I just gotta keep today's grocery tab in check, which shouldn't be difficult. I'm only buying some stuff to make fajitas. Onion, peppers, tortillas, cheese..

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