Sunday, June 7, 2009

No spending!

Today is going to be another no-spend day. I did forget to buy carrots yesterday at the grocery store, but I will just have to do without - or if Jake really wants them he can go pick em up.

So far the plan for today is do some Wii Fit, have breakfast, shower, then either take Atticus for a long walk or to the dog park. Maybe both. I have a few hours to kill, with Jake out at the garage workin on his bike. I may also head over to Hollywood Video and trade the current True Blood for the next disc in the series. We've got an unlimited rental deal goin on right now (3 at a time, which is quite nice), so it shouldn't cost me anything. Jake paid this month, I have a feelign he's going to try to get me to pony up for July. I think not, I already pay for Netflix! I should also give the Coraline game I rented last night a shot. I dunno how fun it will be but it looked cute. I hope it's not for like, 8 year olds.

Side note, the music from True Blood is really good, if you're into Southern style rock and all.

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