Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To read or not to read

I need new books to read. I would love to join a local library, but unfortunately there aren't any in my area that I'm eligible for. Gilbertsville does not have its own library and the one in Boyertown is only for Boyertown residents, which I find to be l-a-m-e. I live less than 5 miles away, yet I cannot check out books because I technically live in a different county. I could use Antonelli's library, but the only books they have are relevant to the coursework, books on Medical Assisting, Medical Billing/Coding, Medical Terminology, etc. Not really the type of material I want to read in my spare time.

Jake's always saying I can borrow his books if I want to read, but his thing is mainly Sci-fi and fantasy and neither genre is really my cup of tea. I've tried reading the first book in two of his favorite series and the interest just isn't there. I got through them and had zero interest in what happened next. I do have other friends who read, of course, but unfortunately I don't see them very often which makes it kind of hard to browse/borrow books.

I think it may be time to check out the clearance racks at Barnes & Noble. I love to read, but to pay $13-$20 for something I'll finish within 48hrs is kind of pointless.


sarah said...

i think that sucks a lot that you don't have good access to a library! especially one that's so close to you. If I didn't have a fabulous library in my town, I would never make it through the next three months without buying a book.

Nicole said...

I agree. This area probably has a library somewhere, I'm just not sure where. I also wonder if I can check out books from MontCo's library, even though I won't be an active student there once this month is over. I guess I should find that out. I've also heard that some community college libraries will lend books to anyone, as long as they're a resident of that particular county.