Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daily tracking

Dentist: $1
Borders Express: $23.22
CVS: $10.15

I decided on a rule for book spending. Books cannot cost more than $15 and must be at least 400 pages long. Anything shorter and I'll read through it in a day. That being said..

I hit the mall planning to just go to Borders Express and be done with things. Which I did. Kind of. I did buy 2 books, both fitting my criteria. Both also happen to be about Mormon polygamous cults. I was having a Big Love moment, I guess. Being that I was at the mall I decided that I had to walk around a bit, check out the current sales. Even though I wasn't going to buy anything. I first checked American Eagle to see if they had the flip flops I liked (and ruined) from last year. They didn't, but instead they had these super cute leather ones that were $30. I promptly hung em back up and left the store after seeing that. Too much, even if I wasn't on shopping ban. I also stopped in Victoria's Secret to check out the semi-annual sale. Underwear is something I always need, I don't care what anyone says. I got measured and turns out I already knew my bra size. Go me. Anyway, they didn't have any bras that struck my fancy (or my price range) so I decided not to purchase anything there either. I usually hate that store and today was no different. Their salespeople are so irritating and in-your-face. I should have known better than to interact with a girl about the measuring, once they think they've got you they just do not shut up! She even gave me a card with my size on it, you know, in case I suddenly forget it. I also got drawn into Bath & Body Works by a $4 bin front and center.. I had a moment of weakness and thought about buying a new body wash - but I restrained myself and put it down. Their new stuff all smells relatively the same and I still have plenty of body wash to use up as it is; I don't need more! All in all the trip was productive, I got what I went there for and nothing else.

I had to stop at CVS to fill prescriptions I got from the dentist today (yay for painful dental work) and pick up some new mouthwash and another toothbrush. I also saw that Crest came out with a new toothpaste that protects against stomach acid, so I decided to buy that too. With my reflux as bad as it is little things like that can be the difference between cavities and no cavities. I didn't really need the toothpaste, but I consider it a justifiable expense. It's to further my (dental) health.

As for the rest of the day, I'm staying in. The novocaine's wearing off and I am sore.


sarah said...

Going to the mall makes you braver than I! I am hoping to avoid malls for the next three months. They suck me in, no doubt!

Nicole said...

I figured I've been to the mall how many times without buying stuff before, how hard can it be now that I'm on the ban? It was actually a nice reminder of what I don't need. Sure, I could've bought that body wash for a measly $4, but I really don't need it. It wasn't that difficult to just walk away. It felt really good to not spend impulsively.

Amber said...

So wait, which two mormon books did you get? Under the Banner of heaven is one of my favorite books (check it out its nonfiction too). I am also currently reading The 19th Wife about mormon fundamentalism. I am mildly obessed with it.

Nicole said...

I bought Favorite Wife - Escape From Polygamy and Stolen Innocence. I'm big on reading peoples' memoirs.

Amber said...

Ooooh I haven't read those let me know how they are, Shattered Dreams: My Life as a Polygamist's Wife is a good one too.