Thursday, June 4, 2009

You say it's your birthday?

Novelty gift:
Birthday gift: $40.28
Chick-Fil-A: $4.50
Gas: $23
Scrubs: $28

I went out shopping today, but for good reason. Jake's birthday is next week so after much deliberation I decided I wanted to buy him a gift. I love buying people gifts, I always have. Especially if it's something I know they're gonna go apeshit over. I don't want to say what I got him or how much I spent yet, just in case he reads this over my shoulder later. Suffice to say that I spent a decent amount yet nothing excessive. I may edit this later and post the what and how much, but not until next Thursday. I don't want him cheating and spoil the surprise.

Jake wants to hit King of Prussia Mall tonight, to take me scrubs shopping and look for a birthday gift for me (finally!). I dunno if I'm gonna buy any scrubs for school at KOP, but I can at least look around and get an idea of how much I may end up having to spend. At least I have more than a month before I need to buy any scrubs so shopping around a bit won't hurt. Also, checking online might be smart because who knows what kind of deals are out there.

I feel like I spent a lot today, but it was worth it. Like I said, I like buying gifts for people when I know they're going to appreciate them. The main goal I'm trying to accomplish anyway is not wasting money on myself, which I'm still maintaining.

We did end up going to the mall, I got my scrubs and Jake bought me a Wii Fit! How generous of him. I <3 boyfriend.="" br="" the="">
(Edited to add in daily tracking)

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