Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Post-weekend update


Groceries: $60
Random act of kindness: $5

Sunday was good. No spending for me. I had intended to go to a Zombie Beach Party in the city but that fell through, leaving me with nothing to spend on. Monday was good until I decided to stop at the grocery store and pick up some food. I've been trying to gain weight lately, so having lots of (high calorie) food around is of utmost importance at the moment. $60 later I'm leaving and am approached by a girl who's crying. She tells me she's stranded, her motorcycle has no gas, she can't get in touch with her parents, and needs to get home. So I gave her $5 to get some gas. Luckily for her the grocery store has its own gas station, so she could walk her motorcycle over and fill up. She didn't need to go far, so $5 should have been plenty. I had seen her wandering around out front of the store on the phone before I went in, and sitting on a bench crying. I'm usually not big on giving strangers money but for some reason I believed this girl, so I wanted to help.

So far today has been a no-spend day, but I plan on going to see Transformers 2 later, so I'll probably buy an advance ticket this afternoon for tonight's midnight showing.

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