Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daily tracking

I ended up going to the grocery store yesterday, not so much for the impending snow, but because I really just needed food. Sometimes that happens, ya know? Anyway the store was mega-crowded and totally picked through, but I managed to get some good stuff anyway. Now, onto the finances!

Giant: $98
gas: $35
(I know I just got gas on Monday too but I decided to fill up and use my $0.10/gallon off before it expires)

Went out for tacos and beer last night too. Lucky for me, I did not have to pay. Yay for nice guys that treat me to tacos. I like them. Or him, namely. We've only been dating for about a week but I'm having a good feeling about this one. ::fingers crossed::

And to anyone who has it...enjoy the snow!

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